In 2015, for Small Business Saturday, I worked with a number of small businesses in the area to support and promote shopping local. Since then something clicked and, while we have always supported that philosophy, it has become a driving focus to where we decided to take our business in 2016.

We have decided to focus trying to get our foot print down and source from local companies. Our plants are grown in the same climate as we are, so we know they are tough and grow well here.  We are making an effort to know company owners that hand make, small batch products with natural ingredients. We are supporting companies that are helping to create a better world through different causes. Small businesses have some really cool stories, we have highlighted these businesses in the store so you will know what you are getting and who you are supporting.

Our local community has our heart and soul. We are committed to supporting them and our Small Businesses. We are proud to say that we are participating in the PATH Program at Coal City High School, working with the Hope Helps Organization and currently working with the Village of Coal City to start up their farmers’ market.