Its not to late to plant!!!!

Don’t let the cooler temperatures fool you, the fall is a great time to get some landscaping in before the winter. You can actually plant clear until the ground is frozen. Here are some of the key reasons that planting in the fall (and late fall) is actually a good thing.

  • The cooler temperatures mean less stress on the plant so it can focus more energy on getting the roots established.
  • Ground temperatures cool much slower than the air temperature that we feel. This allows a longer growing season for the roots. Roots will continue to grow as long as the soil temp stays above 40 degrees.
  • Mother Nature helps with the watering. With fall rains (or snows) and the cool temperatures the moisture is retained longer. This just makes it easier for everyone; plants get a drink and you don’t have to spend as much time bringing it to them.
  • Getting your plants in in the fall will give your yard a jump start in the spring. The new root growth will continue where it left off and promote new top growth sooner.
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