At Sunshine Garden Center you’ll find a great selection of quality plant material. Whether you need colorful bedding plants, hardy perennials, or trees and shrubs, you can count on Sunshine Garden Center for all your needs. Shop our garden center for:

Annuals – Usually planted in the spring and are replanted each year. You’ll be sure to find something unique to give you color are season long. 

Herbs & Vegetables – We have all your basics from tomatoes and peppers to basil and parsley with extras that are hard to find like leeks and okra. We have over 45 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs to fill your garden.


Perennials – We carry a wide variety of zone 5 hardy perennials for color year after year. Whether you’re looking for something for sun or shade, something tall or a ground cover, or want flowers vs. foliage, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Flowering Shrubs – From Azalea to Viburnum, we have tried and true or something different in a variety of shrubs to choose from that will give you seasonal, or year round color.

Trees – We have a full line up of ornamental, shade and evergreen trees.

Don’t forget to check around the holidays for seasonal plants to add to your decor.