I have never been so proud to be a part of a small town as I have been over this last week. In this last week we have had old friends, volunteers, customers, family, sales reps and people from afar doing everything they could to help us re open and get back on our feet. Thank you’s don’t seem like enough right now. There is ,without a doubt, no way we could be opening on Monday without all the help. We will be open in time for Small Business Saturday, November 30th, and I feel like the local support for that day is nothing compared to the support we got during this time of need. We will not forget the things that this community has done for us; the people that brought us coffee and lunch, or the folks that donated the batteries and cleaning supplies at the church or the group of people that came and re stacked all of the mulch in our parking lot after it blew 2 lots down, the fellas that came in and recovered a greenhouse so we would have a place to work during Christmas and the guys that untangled and put our fence back up. These people along with the all of the ones that aren’t mentioned but showed up and helped and just cared have really made us grateful to live in this town. We won’t forget it and hope that we can continue to repay our thanks to the community one way or another.


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