Things here are in full tornado rebuild meets spring rush mode.  Lots to do and lots of hurdles to jump, so far we are doing pretty good.

We spent the winter fixing the small amount of damage that was done and made some fantastic changes in the process.  We changed the layout, color, and feel of the store. It’s packed full of new spring goodies. Everything from lawn furniture to gazing balls to terrariums to bird houses. We brought in more varieties of garden seed and have a pretty good selection of bird seed.

Our big greenhouse was finished a few weeks ago. We have since filled it to the max and are getting creative with how we can still fit more plants in there. The back greenhouse should start being build around April 9th. When those are done we will get some breathing room. There is lots of spring color and after a watering it smells like spring too!

We are still trying to get some of the debris cleaned up from around the property and its becoming a long drawn out process. Slowly, though, we are starting to see a difference and we like it. I cleaned some glass out of the planting in front of the big greenhouse and refreshed the mulch and it made a huge difference. It started to make the store feel whole again.

We still have a lot of catching up to do but I am starting to feel like we are closing the gap. Trees, bushes, more annuals and perennials, bagged products and pottery are arriving at a rapid pace and the empty spaces are filling up fast. We can’t wait for the weather to finishing breaking and get some warm days. Stay tuned on Facebook for current pictures and  regular updates. 

See you soon!